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Our Mission Statement

Scouts West is organized to bring together and promote interest in off-roading, preserving, restoring, modifying and enjoying all of the products of the International Harvester Corporation including, but not limited to, IH Scouts, IH Light Line Trucks and other IH vehicles through social activities, educational programs and recreational activities by appreciating, preserving and protecting our National resources and public lands through responsible four wheeling, enjoying outdoor living and family friendly events. Scouts West is a strong advocate of the “Tread Lightly” concept of environmental responsibility. 

Scouts West was established in 1987 by and for International Harvester enthusiasts of all stripes. Since then, our club has grown and expanded all over the state of California and beyond to include a wide variety of members with different vehicles and personalities; all supporting the same common purpose, which is encouraging the passion for IH, making some great friends, and having fun!

Scouts West members enjoy the benefits of a fellowship with some really great people that share similar interests. We show our commitment to the Club’s mission by attending our monthly Chapter meetings, holding conversations in our online forum and social media platforms, contributing to each other at our work parties, at our off-road trail runs, and during our family friendly activities and events that occur throughout the year.



Download a copy of the current Scouts West bylaws.

Sample Newsletter

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Membership Application

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Scouts West is known for its Scout Tour of Death Valley: a guided tour through Death Valley hosted every other year in the past. Currently, Scouts West is well known for hosting the largest IH event on the West Coast: The International Harvester Western Regional event, also known as IHWR. We also participate in the Adopt-a-Trail program in multiple areas around the state in which we support with great pride. In addition to these, Scouts West participates in numerous day runs, overnight camping and off-roading trail runs including High Desert Round Up, Tierra Del Sol, and many charitable activities and events.


Our newsletter is called Scouts Afield (free sample issue). The newsletter is a first-class publication. In it you can read about what is happening within our club and other clubs across the US. There is also technical advice, a classified section, I.H. vendor information and much more. Currently, you will receive a printed copy at the IHWR event in April. We encourage our members to write and submit articles throughout the year to enhance this publication. For more information, please contact Arnold Leos.


Membership in Scouts West is open to anyone who has an interest in the Scouts West Club purpose. Regardless of the make or type of vehicle you drive, we welcome you to our Club. Membership runs for 12 months, typically from April to April. Annual dues are $60.00. This includes: Full Member online benefits, 1 SW sticker, 1 dash plaque, printed newsletters when available and, 1 T-shirt. Extra T-shirts may be purchased at extra cost if desired. We have a convenient online application and PayPal account, which makes joining quick and easy.