Sept meeting Tulsa Rib Company in Orange

Be there if you can... I sent an email out if you didn't get it here are the meeting topics

Meeting topics:
Updates and upgrades to SW Website

Membership sign-up should be done electronically on the web page.
Navigation tabs adjusted for ease of use and better access
Website registered users will be automatically added to emailing list
IHWR website merged with Scouts West website.
Shopping tab added for:
Membership dues
T-shirts, sticker sales etc...

By-laws needs to be reviewed!

Need to select a new president. Brad will be here until September/Oct

Upload the newsletter on web site!

Sept 20-22 Grapevine chapter's Tri Club Picnic.
Sept 28 possible over nigher at the Adopt a Trail !!!
Scoutmeet Scoutober fest at Lost Lake date TBD
Scoutswest Xmas party date TBD
IHWR April 17-19-2020,

Discuss Donate Life charity contribution

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