Re: 1977 Scout II Traveler 345 v8 - questions about tires / brakes / suspension

Well basically I'm looking to replace my steering box because it's leaking. I've seen a few rebuilt ones. Also looking to replace the Master Cylinder , brake booster, proportioning valve. I was told by the mechanic who looked at it, that I might want to also change the brake cables and the brake hard lines.

The car just doesn't brake very well. It's front Disc and rear drum

As for suspension, the leaf springs are original and probably need replacing badly! Do I just redo the entire suspension at that time? I know that the bushings are worn out as well.

This is just stuff they pointed out.

Matt :)

Re: 1977 Scout II Traveler 345 v8 - questions about tires / brakes / suspension

Just because something is old, doesn't mean it needs to be replaced.

You’ve mentioned allot, or perhaps the mechanic did.

The steering box can be tightened up and resealed; often the leak is from a hose. I’d be more interested in finding the problem first, then repair - replace as necessary.

Master Cylinder, brake booster, and proportioning valve can all be found at a parts store, but that is quite a few parts to throw at a problem w/o identifying the source of the problem (unless you got lots of $$$).

Is the emergency brake cable frayed, damaged? Are the brake lines bent, rusted, etc. IMO it sounds like the mechanic was very interested in throwing parts and labor at an undefined problem.

Have you preformed a brake job, might be the first place to start if braking is the problem. There is a lot of knowledge here on the board and at the meetings.

The springs may sag over the years, but unless they were severely abused they should serve you well for many years. Do you plan on lifting the Scout?

Bushings, now there is a good idea. New urethane bushings, steering box reinforcement, new brake cylinders, pads, shoes would be a good start.

I’d take more stock in what Club Members tell you after looking you Scout over than an opinion of someone paid to work on your vehicle. My advice would be to take some of the local members up on their offer to attend a meeting.

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