Scout II 71-76 Buckets seats -measurements?

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I would like to buy buckets seats for my new-to-me 1973 Scout II,,, and I havent taken possesion of it yet,,SO,

Can anyone tell me the right size generally, meaning how high and how wide to fit in the scout and fit right?,
My scout has fron bucket seat bases but no front seats.

I will be buying something to get buy right away,,, or I am willing to by "right" and put some nice seats( spend money) in there if I can get a good recomendation(s)?.....
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It depends on the style seats that you want.
Obviously stock bucket seats will bolt on to the bases.
Only other seat that I have heard that will bolt up directly is PT Cruiser seats 2000-2005 that I know of. I have 2004 seats in mine.
Other aftermarket seats like Smittybuilt, Trailgear, Besttop, etc... will all require modification of the base if not removal and custom base made.
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