May meeting minutes

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Meeting 5-22-2021 at 9:45 a.m. Adjourned 10:45 a.m. at Tom's house
At the meeting: Nate Partridge, Richard Tercero, Tom (Pegasus) Arnold, Shaun, Marisela

had a good turnout.
- Raised $10,000.00
-All our equipment used for IHWR was stolen from Tom's trailer- easy up everything. Some things
stolen belonged to Vic. Vic gave Tom an itemized list of items and value of what was stolen.
Club will have to figure out what to do to reimburse Vic.
-Need to get this resolved by BOD.
-Richard went to the meeting at IE they discussed IHWR and that some of the people who attended
did not pay.

Maybe inland empire will do IHWR next year.
Main Chapter- When to have our meetings? if at Scout and Coffee event? Or on Saturday's before
we have work day. Need to decide on what to do.

August 14 tentative beach party this year?

June 12, beach cruise. Shaun to send out info to see who wants to go.

June 19, Next meeting at Nate's house in Upland will be a work day too. Tentative after check with wife.

How can we promote our meetings and work day? We can do it maybe any day.
Saturday's may work out so we can have workday. Do we want to go back to Thursdays?

Main chapter should dedicate money to the different chapters.
Maybe have a member event only. What is the incentive to be a member?

Shaun suggested a banquet for the members get a caterer -have awards recognize members.
We will be taking money

Need to order 3 Shirts 4XL. Have only one 3XL .
June 17, BOD meeting via Zoom- 7:00pm Will need to discuss many outstanding issues.
$for stolen from trailer
IHWR next year
Funds or bank accounts for each club
Little John asking what are we getting for being a member?
Shannon sent Financial statements to Arnold, Shaun, Big John and Little John.
There are two accounts Sav/CK Main Ck/Sav Club

Jason has some axels at a body shop owes $1,700.00 if maybe could help out to take them out.
Brad has information.

Big John recuperating still.

There was a Truck Show in IE-Parris. Arnold went very nice.
Old timer in San Diego has alot of scout parts - Border Parts.

Richard Tercero went to Fraiser Park's meeting. Normally have meeting 2nd Saturday of month.
They discussed IHWR and how many people did not pay. But a good turn out.

Adopt a Trail - Joe Valdez is handling.

Need articles for the newsletter. Shaun suggested maybe have a Tech section in the newsletter.
(My suggestion. maybe some of the guys can do article regarding their experience at IHWR this year
instead of waiting for next year's newsletter).
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