77 traveller suspension

Thanks for the add, i should orobably look through QnA but thought id ask. I just purchssed a 77 traveller and have started looking for parts, one thing i cant find is a 4inch spring lift for it. Is it the same as the regular scout II?
Also do you guys and gals have anyone mear Riverside that you recommend to rebuild carbs? Thanks

Re: 77 traveller suspension

Whatever you do DO NOT take it to Super Carburetors in Riverside, they will only clean it and change the gaskets. I had my wife's 1963 carburetor cleaned and adjusted at a local Riverside shop, then rebuilt at Super Carburetors...no improvement, waste of money.

I found Carburetor Exchange in El Monte, old school carb shop. I found out they have a shop in Riverside so I took it there, then they sent it to El Monte. They check for internal vacuum leaks and do running engine tests, all included in the price. When I went back to pick it up it was all dialed in and and bolt on ready. This was a year ago and I haven't had a problem yet.

Re: 77 traveller suspension

skyjacker makes a 4" spring lift for Scouts. comfortable ride. rough country is going to be a rough ride. for carb rebuilds, success may depend on which carb you have. if its a thermoquad, it may not rebuild well. a 2210 probably wont rebuild at all. best thing is to let us know what carb you have because you may actually be better off buying a new one rather than trying to rebuild what you have.

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