Meeting sit rap February 9 2019.

Start 1030. 13 present. Topics Truckhaven challenge report and carnage pictures.
TDS coming up looks like 15 rigs or more from up here are going to TDS.
Scoutmas christmas party report by Cassie. Fun food. gift exchange, camping. 30 or more present there. All had fun.
IHWR discussion. Prep. Volunteers needed. Looks like 6 runs at this time. Pre reg should be up next week. You can book your cabin, camping space at KOA now. MAKE SURE YOU LET THEM KNOW YOUR WITH SCOUTS WEST.
GVC, Frazier Park Four wheelers, And NEW Trail crew will be hosting the annual picnic at hungry Valley in september.
Meeting in March will be at my house. Prepping for IHWR. MARCH 9 2019. 0900 till???

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