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Big John
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Tour De Sober 1 january 1019. For those that are sober. Leave 0900 from the deli at Lockwood valley rd. And cuddy valley road. Fuel up and get snakes before 0900. As they will be leaving at 0900. You can get snakes, sandwiches, drink at the deli. Dress or bring warm clothes.Frazier park 93225. There will be no shooting as the forest is closed to shooting now. 661 245 3250 before 2030 hrs. 830 pm.

1 january 2019 . Weather will be in the high thirties. Dress warm. Or Layer. Not supposed to be overcast. But today they lied. Overcast, 28, and light snow. Not bad enough to hamper the run on the first.
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Post pictures of your snakes.
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