Re: August meeting Thursday 8/8/19

Hi John,
Hope you are doing well.

Short summary of meeting. only 10 people present

We discussed need for a new Pres as Brad is leaving at end of Sept.
We discussed Frazier park event coming up in Sept
Beach party info...
We talked about scheduling a Scout Meet in San Diego to present the check to Donate Life folks. I am in talks with Shannon. Once we have the appropriate information we will discuss a date that we can meet down there to make the presentation. Brian wants to be involved and I am sure Johnny and all the folks who worked so hard on the event should have the chance to be there as well. We have to have a group discussion and iron out the details

IHWR 2020 dates 4/17-4/20 Need to verify if KOA is reserved. Joe Valdez told me Johnny will confirm and let me know...

I will try and get the membership situation under control and start sending out email hits to remind everyone of events and meetings. We hope this will increase participation.

that about sums it up... call me if you have any questions...

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