Flopping side mirror repair

If your side mirror is floppin' around from years of wear, you can repair it. Lobo had this issue. Dan Hayes @ Binder Boneyard offered me this advice to repair it. If you do not have the tools or confidence to do this, Dan offers this & many other services through his shop previously mentioned. The following photos have brief comments in them:
Brad Spears
Lobo mirror 1.jpg
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Lobo mirror 2.jpg
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Re: Flopping side mirror repair

Photos 5 & 6. In all the photos of this mirror in the vise, I do have a piece of 1/4" thick conveyor belt in the jaws to protect the mirror arm. After the repairs, a new piece of mirror will get cut at a local glass shop to re-silicon to the 4 pads in the body.
Brad Spears
Lobo mirror 5.jpg
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Lobo mirror 6.jpg
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