Reliable Spring & Suspension

This is the place to post information about your favorite shops. Please remember to include location and a phone number.
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Highly recommended.

Jeff has a mobile business and will come to your house. You can remove and install the springs yourself or have him do it.

Pretty much anything you need done with leaf springs, he can do it. He also does heavy truck suspensions.

I had some arching and two additional springs added to each side on the Rough Country springs for my 76 Scout. My Scout has a 4 Wheel camper on it. I needed extra load carrying capacity in the rear. My Scout now sits perfectly level with a 2.5 inch lift.

Jeff is very easy to work with and he will help you through any obstacles.
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1976 Scout II w/4 Wheel Camper
1968 1200C 4x4
1969 Scout 800 Aristocrat
1964 Scout 80
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Good to know.
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