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Happy Independence Day to the IH community

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:31 am
by Surf-n-Turf
All of us are fortunate to live in this great land. In spite of all the political division and other problems we are currently experiencing, is there really any other country better than the one we live in ? This is the only country on earth and in history whose founding documents claim that our rights to freedom and pursuit to happiness com from God, not from the benevolence of a government which can change its mind. It is the role of government to protect these freedoms. We can practice our religion with out fear of persecution and we enjoy more freedom than anybody else on any other country. If and when our government fails to do its duty, change is made at the ballot box, no need for military coups or civil war. May this always be so ! A big thanks to all our veterans, both past and present that we continue to celebrate our nations Independence Day.
Let us all be thankful and drive our IH's proudly !! God Bless America !!