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Finally found a 58 truck. Been lookin for 10 years now. Found a Binder Bash in Post Falls, Idaho. Brad and I went up with his Scout for it. Found a pretty good deal on a 64 80 but was 15 minutes was sold. The "Bash" was great, good folks who truly love IH's and keeping them on the road.

At the end of the event, I was eyein this yellow A-120 when the present owner walked up and said, "it's for sale". I inspected it a bit closer, most everything seemed to be there, and I could move the engine (BG241), trans shifted
04spd), as did the Tcase. I asked what he was tryin to get out of it, and he said he had $1,000.00 into it and have had it for a week. Even has a title,,,,,other than that doesn't know much about it, except that it's been sittin since 2009/2010. I put out my hand and bought it for a grand.... fast forward a week later. Brad and I took a 20-hour roundy round and dove back up and trailered her home.

Tried to get her to pop, but it wasn't happening, had no spark and everything was old and crusty. $130.00 latter a a few days and I had all the tune-up parts. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, and condenser. FIRED RIGHT OFF!! No smoke and runs like a top...hell she even idled on her own. Filled the Holley through the vent and she's a runner with 40 psi oil pressure at idle. Unhooked her from the trailer and backed her off. Brakes are trash, the E brake works, leeks water out of the water pump like a, and the 4wd system works flawlessly! Needs the kingpins redone, new brakes and tires, replace the floors.....and she's a driver.




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Awesome when they come to life with a little TLC. I like it!
"20 hour roundy round, thumbs up!! , Im about to do a roundy round solo , otta take me about 18 hours, going to break it up with an overnight stay, includes a day of loading up treasures on a 1973 Scout II
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