"Raising Kane."

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How one became two?

I wanted a smog exempt scout. In my thoughts I settled for a 77 because they weren’t popping up for sale like they are today. Granted the price was more reasonable then, I would have wasted the money on my Subaru. After a let down turn-and-burn trip to Texas for a 71 scout 810, I was browsing CL. I saw a scout that caught my eye. I thought to myself this must be sold, and on top of that there was no way my wife would agree. A few days later I sent a message to the seller and by weeks end our family would be doing another Turn-and-Burn, this time heading north, a few hours shy from the state of OR for this beautiful ‘72. It was definitely a trek to some remote coastal location.

Anyway, here is our boy "kane." 2 owners before me, has OG miles, and it’s been sitting since ‘97/98 due to electrical issues. Solid rig for the most part.

Short Term Goals: Start w/ driving project, dive off the deep later.
  • Re-Wire
  • Assess current 345 health & re-seal
  • Service/rebuild/replace Drivetrain
  • Remove body lift
  • Convert to disc brakes

Long Term Goals:
  • Replace all necessary panels
  • Repaint
  • update interior
  • Build a side 392 or molest it by dropping in a GM LS engine
Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8AG-6zFsJk

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Nice Scout. Keep us posted!
1976 Scout II w/4 Wheel Camper
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1969 Scout 800 Aristocrat
1964 Scout 80
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