Replace or Fix Carb Recommendation?

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Help! I installed this over a year ago on my 64 Scout80 196ci and it worked great until it didn't. It barely survived IHWR this year and I want it to work for next year! ... 800/p18510 - Manual Choke.

Do I get this one fixed or just try again with a better setup?

When running it was either too much fuel or not enough. The hotter and longer it ran the more fuel it demanded and the worse it got in terms of stalling every-time I got to a stop sign. Now it no longer runs :( . Also, as you can see - fuel all over the place.

Thanks! in advance.
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1st. Is that a 196 or a 152?
If it's the stock carb even if not run a thick carb gasket between the carb and manifold. That will help with some heat transfer from manifold to carb.
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