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Need some help with your IH? Just ask.
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Hi Everyone- Just joined the forum! Looking forward to meeting some of you guys at some point!

Little background info:
Born and raised in Carlsbad, now living in Pacific Beach area. Grew up working on all types of IH trucks and scouts with my dad. I now am running a 69 SR2. Rebuilt the engine in 2011 and then moved to PB and work/life an no garage got in the way so it was sitting in storage for a good amount of time. My fiancee and I finally bought a house with a driveway and garage so the scout will be down here shortly! Scout is at my parents house right now and I've been back and forth on the weekends and have replaced some parts on the engine and got it running again. Need to fine tune some things and then check the brakes and gas and I'll be done for a short time. I have a good list of mods I want to do over the next few years. First big ones are PS and rear gas tank. Once those are done I'll be doing minor things here and there.

Will post some pictures when I can!
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Full Tank
Full Tank
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Welcome to the group. We have 3 chapters in the club. Main Chapter in the Orange County area, San Diego Chapter & the GrapeVine Chapter.
Brad Spears
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Big Ed
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No limits
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64 C1300 4X4, 345, T34, T18, NP202, D70F with ARB & 35 spline Chromoly axles, RA15 with Detroit Locker, 41" Iroks, front & rear PTO winches, recent makeover.
Big John
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No limits
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Welcome to the motley crew. No not the music group. Us IH owners.
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