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Hi Richard

We are working on developing the shopping cart and getting some items on there. currently all you can do is pay membership dues and IHWR fees. Let me know what you are interested in purchasing and I will see how we can get some items to you ASAP.

Re: Shopping Cart

Hey there Shaun:

How goes it? Sorry could not make last meet, have a pinched nerve in my lower back and have been sidelined for the last three weeks. Heck, I can't even work on my 79 Traveler. Anyway, was looking to buy a couple more t-shirts, if possible. Let me know, and thanks for the reply.

Re: Shopping Cart

Hi Richard

I am working on getting you some T-shirts... Do you have any sizes in mind. If you can make the next meeting we can bring some for you hopefully or maybe mail them out. I am working on the details with our treasurer how to get shopping cart going but till than have to do old fashioned way.

Let me know how many and what sizes so that we can pull some aside for you.


Re: Shopping Cart

Hi Richard

I will be bringing boxes of shirts to next meeting. If you want to bring a check or cash we can get those shirts to you at that time. Is that Ok with you? You can also pay through paypal online and I will have shirts for you at the meeting. You want the made in america or the spirit of 76 shirts? If you decide to pay with paypal let me know after you have done so. It is a new thing for us so might have some issues iron out but we will see :-)

Re: Shopping Cart

Good Morning Shaun:

did I miss the meeting Thursday? I did not think it was 11/7. Sorry for not attending. I will get into PAY PAL and figure it out. Will touch base with you re: which t-shirts.
Again, sorry for the missed meeting. Been nursing a pinched nerve in my hip for the last 5 weeks.


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