Friday's Museum Run: 4/26/2019 @ 10 am

We will leave around 10:00 a.m. from the KOA. We head south on Dagget-Yermo Rd. (go north, it is Calico Rd.) Crossing over the Old Spanish Trail. We hope to stop by the Dagget Museum, normally only open on Saturdays. I am working on arranging a special opening for our group. After that we take I-40 west to exit Barstow Road. Go south and stop at the Mojave River Museum on left across from tank. (Food for Less had best gas in area 3/26)
The history of the area covers many years back to the 1700's Spanish explorers and the Old Spanish Trail and the early settlers in California. Back in the day, there was water in Mojave area. The westerly trek took a turn south into the area of Cajon and the Cajon Pass.

Our second stop finds us at the Mojave River Museum. They have a great collection of many relevant historical items. Barstow was a major hub from travelers from the East. Then you add to the basin the history of Calico mining areas and Dagget which played a key role in the area for their work at processing ore and borax, the train yards, route 66 and others. The Museum has a good bookstore (lots of off road books) and sells maps of the area, plus great historical items out front in the yard to view.

Next we travel a short drive down to BLM Discovery Center. Highlights there are the Old Women's Spring Metorite and living natural history area.

After those two spots, we go to eat as a group in old town Barstow at Rosita's on Route 66. East of Barstow Rd about a mile. Food is outstanding. Lunch special is $10.99, entree, soup or salad and drink.

Finally, on a full stomach, after passing the first Del Taco, est. 1964, we hit the Route 66 Museum and the adjoining Railroad Museum, both in an old Harvey House. (Yes, same as the old movie)

In all, the day brings a group of IH people together for fun, education and a great meal.

About 4 hours: 10am-2ish
Miles: a bit more than 20
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Re: Friday's Museum Run: 4/26/2019 @ 10 am

Though we had two hours for breakfast? I'm sure it will all get figure out on Thursday evening when we are all there.
Didn't realize the first stop was that close. Can always meet there.
Lets get together on Thursday when all there and figure it out as I have missed the museum run the last couple of years.
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