IHWR 2020

KOA has suggested that we take over the entire camp. IF CORPORATE GIVE THE APPROVAL. REASON only two sites were not our people or group. Or other words a closed camp. Our people, group only.
IT HAS also been suggested that we move the event up to end of March first week in April. Bit cooler then. To be discussed at Board level then members.
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Re: IHWR 2020

seems to me we take up about half the camp for the event. why would KOA suggest we take over the whole camp when our track record indicates we wouldn't fill it? Who suggested we move the event dates? Heat's the reason? I hear it rained the weekend following this years event. Weather isn't guaranteed. IHWR has always been these dates, why change it?

Re: IHWR 2020

I have n issue either way. I like the idea of closed group campus. I also dont mind changing the dates. My help with staggering and allowing people to make more events that are so close to together.
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