1N34 run 9/28

We are running our Adopt-A-Trail 1N34 out of Lytle Creek to Joe Elliot campground for an over nighter Saturday September 28th. We'll meet up at the Chevron off the 15 at Sierra at12:30 pm and leave for the trail head at 1:00. If you haven't been before, its an easy run.....usually. Bring normal trail gear just in case. There are campsites suitable for tents. No services, Dry camping like real men do it. If ya forget toilet paper it can sometimes be supplied for $1.00 a sheet and shovel rentals may be available for $10.00 per use. Prices are subject to change without further notice. No open camp fires up there but, propane stoves are ok. Bring beer! And some food if you think you'll need it: two hotdogs, a fork and a bic lighter: "Can we have some more beans Mr. Taggart? Water wouldn't hurt either. In other words be prepared and equipped.
If'n ya wanna go.....sign up below.

Re: 1N34 run 9/28

Click “post reply”, then “attachments”, then “add files”. Then it should be familiar.
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