Re: Cleghorn run Saturday 2/16/19

Here are some videos from the trip (videos are thru the windshield on a mount for my phone). link is to FaceBook. ... 00?sfns=mo
Sergio went with me, we got to the trailhead at 12:45, more traffic than I figured there would be getting there. No others were there to meet us. Aired down & hit the trail by 1. The rains definitely rutted it out. We ran across a lone J33P that was stuck in a deep puddle. They hit it fast not knowing it was that deep, sucked water in thru the cold air intake. There was another lone J33PER there that got there just before us. We showed them to put the air intake back from the throttle body, which had water in it. We all told him to pull the plugs & crank it over & hope he didn't already hurt the motor. They said to go on our way & not ruin our day helping them. They didn't have a 5/8 socket in the random tools to pull the plugs, so I gave him mine. We hit some of the by-passes but not all of them as we were the lone Scout up there & my battery only good enough for maybe a minutes worth of winching without the motor running (Optima's suck anymore, only 3 years old).
Towards the end of the run, we keep running in to the lone J33P that helped the drowned J33P, he ended up going back & said he would strap that J33P back to the 15 if they were still in trouble.
Once we were done, aired up & headed by Willie's to check in with him & then stopped by & visited with Jason at his new place. It was a good trip, long day as we got home just before 11 pm.
Brad Spears

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