San Diego Xmas/Super Bowl party

Hey Everyone,

Reminder that the February meeting will be held around 1:00-1:30 pm on the 3rd to discuss any outstanding club business. And location has changed to Brandt's house, address at bottom.

Here is the list we have so far for potluck. 12 pm hang out/meeting, game starts at 3:30 pm. Bring your Scouts if they are running, lol. Also, Brandt wouldn’t mind if anyone wanted to come by even earlier and maybe give him a hand with a couple things on his Scout either. According to the weather forecast it will rain, however the party is moving inside regardless. Rain or shine it’s still on.

Brandt - Smoke some pork, ribs, etc...
3 ovens, two stove tops, two BBQ's, One Big Green EGG (I am using the EGG).
4 refrigerators for cold drinks
Red Solo cups (Plenty of them, lol)
Squares so if you want to win some $ bring some cash
His home

Tim/Angela - Appetizers or 2
Case of water

William/Xochil - Plates, forks, and napkins
Case of soda
Linguiça (Portuguese sausage, rolls, and mustard)

Dave/Elsa - Nachos (Cheese, jalapenos, chips)

Joe V. - An appetizer and pepperoni chips and pesto

Super Bowl/Xmas Party SD Chapter
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