Main chapter Christmas Party

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2017 Christmas Party

Oh not again!. It’s that time again for the Annual Christmas party hosted by yours truly Vic and the infamous Debbie. Same place. Different year.
This will be the 17th Annual Christmas party.This is the one you don’t want to miss. Didn’t I say that last year? Who knows what might happen, and something always happens. For those of you who bring explosives, lets not get past party crazy (ya know who you are)
DATE: Jan. 19th, 20th and 21st
, We will have coffee and breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, Saturday will plan on eating dinner around 4pm, early so we can have gift exchange and night run after.
We will be supplying the main dish. The main dish will be decided at the December meeting. We will post the decision on this thread. Please bring appetizers and side dishes to compliment the meal. Also BYOB and whatever else you require. It’s all-good
This is a weekend event if you want to make it so, some arrive on Fri., some on Saturday. You are welcome to come on Fri. and stay till the weekend ends.
Bring your campers and RV’s if you plan to stay. We also have plenty of room to crash. Dry camping works also. You can bring dog as long as they are mellow. I have an outside cat, 4 dogs, 2 outside turtles, 12 peococks, and who knows what else lives here. Our property is completely fenced in so when the gates are shut, nothing gets in or out. That includes those who drink and think they can drive home. Fat friggin chance!!
We have a gift exchange at the party for both guys and ladies after dinner. Bring gifts accordingly. $20.00 to $30.00
Would like to see RSVP’s if possible as we cook accordingly. (why do I always ask for this and never get it, I ask myself I really would like to know) We expanded the RV parking area to accommodate more, and also San Diego’s camping area has been expanded and their’s a statue of Angela staring into the distance
Thinking about having a horseshoe tournament. $5.00 per person, teams. Winners get 50% of funds and the other half will go into the donation box and donated accordingly. What’s your thoughts?
My address is 75400 20th Ave. Desert Hot Springs. Google 20101 Smith Rd for directions. I live across the street.
From LA area
Take hwy 10 East, past Beaumont about 15 miles to Hwy 62 (Yucca Valley, 29 Palms)(.Right after Whitewater turn-off ) Take the turn-off. There is only one direction you can go. The first off-ramp is DILLON RD. (about 1/2 mile from Hwy 10). TURN RIGHT. DO NOT GET OFF DILLON UNTIL YOU REACH SMITH RD. From Hwy 62, Smith Rd. is about 12 miles.
After you get off hwy 62 onto Dillon you will come to a stop sign in about 2 miles. This is Indian Ave. Keep going. You’ll pass another stop sign, Continue
The next main street at light is PALM DRIVE, It’s about 8.5 miles to Smith from here. Continue down Dillon for about 1.5 miles and you will come to the last stoplight. This is Mountain View. You are getting close. (If you are not at this location, call me as the cell phone reception will proceed to get worse and finally you will lose it unless you have Verizon. Pass Mountain View then a couple stop signs, and in about 3 miles you will pass a Fire station on the right. So far so good. After the Fire station, you will have a slight right hand sweeping turn with a long downward grade. At the beginning of the grade, look out in the distance on the left about 10 o’clock and you will see a flashing light. (that’s if I remember to put it on roof) That’s the place.
Back to the grade. At the bottom on the right you will see a RV park called SKY VALLEY PARK. At this point you will travel ¾ of a mile to SMITH RD. I will have a big reflective sign with the Scout West logo on it to indicate Smith Rd. Turn left and follow it to the end. Were are the last house on the right (DIRT ROAD) There is only 3 houses on this road. If you start getting in to the whoops on Dillon, you went to far.
If you’re coming from the great state of Arizona,that's you Sonora Scouts, Go west young man (or woman) until you drop down the long grade into the Coachella Valley. First off ramp at bottom of grade is Dillon;
Get off. Turn right. Follow Dillon for about 18 mles. You’ll pass Thousand Palms Cyn on left in about 15 miles. Continue to Smith Rd. in about 3 miles Turn right to end on right. If you start up a long grade and Sky Valley Parks is on left, turn around, ya went to far

This is a desolate area so you can bring your off road stuff, quads and firearms as we will go into the canyon to shoot
Also bring your RC crawlers and such as we have the perfect environment for competition. We will be exploring a new canyon this year
My cell is 760-408-5473 Vic
If you get lost or need help, call me. Verizon service is great. ATT service sucks, so does some of the other carriers
This may be the last party we host, you’ll never know so don’t miss it
See you then
Vic and Debbie
Oh ya Trixie too
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Horseshoes sounds great.
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So I see my request for trying to figure out the attendance for the Christmas party so Debbie and I can plan for it went over well (extreme sarcasm)
As far as I know, it's Fritz only
So lets try it again
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I hope to be there. Right now my Travelall’s down and I hope to fix it in time. I don’t want to take the truck down there.
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We will be there for Saturday for sure, might be there for the weekend, don't know yet.
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Hi Vic,
Wanted to let you know that both Me and Lora will be coming out for the Christmas Party
Probably have to work on Friday (and getting to that point where I don't like to drive at night) so will be coming out on Saturday morning
Thank You folks for the invite and looking forward to what I'm sure will be a GREAT time
Scot and Lora Stevens
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It's official
This will be our last party so if you don't come, you won't get another chance for the experience
Hope to see you all
Vic and Debbie
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Laurie and I will be leaving San Diego Saturday morning and be there for the festivities and then unfortunately leave later in the evening.
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Coming Friday night. Will bring some booze and food.

Anyone like beer pong or corn hole?
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Os and I will be there Saturday night. Water polo tournament is on Saturday. Hopefully we will be there for the gift exchange.
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