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May Meeting 2019

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 12:07 pm
by Wickedtuna
Great meeting last night with a great turnout. Roll call will be posted below. We discussed chicken fees with $11.00 collected. We reviewed the pancake breakfast good and bad. we congratulated our 2 winning members Angel and Brian. So 2017 San Diego took home 2 and 2019 we did it again! We also discussed a possible Corral Canyon run towards the end o may, more to come on that. Tim purchased a tuber bender and we collected money to make it a chapter bender (Tim, Bill, Brian, William). Other may still chip in. Also we will be getting a date together to check out the new trail we have adopted. I know we don't make it to the Forest Service meetings but honestly i don't think they would have offered a second or possible third trail if they weren't happy wit us. But i will be reaching out to either Dooley or Dan to see if they can be our point of conatc and go to the meetings.

Roll Call (17):
William (daughter)
Sarah (Kids)
Keith (wife)
Mylo (wife and Kids)