Meeting/ Work Party

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Big John
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No limits
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0900 members started arriving. Adam Crawford rebuilt his two barrel Carb for his Scout.
Curt Carson Fabricated a rear swing away pivot for his tire carrier. Based on the Military Hummer set up. Jeremiah welded it in place.
Steve Sigman R&R his top on his 800. Put gasket in place.
Denis Tewes removed the fifth wheel Trailer rails out of his Travelette.
Johnny Vogelsangs IH Refrigerator was put in the rear garage. Beer. Cold beer and Soda pops.
I tried to remove the Hydraulic wench drive and wench. Had a lot of help. For some reason no one would let me lift anything.
Chris Periso with help adjusted his steering wheel so it was more centered. NEW MEMBER.
Jammie Jensen and Kirk Borgsdorf help where needed.
Aubre Jeremiah's girl friend work her magic on the Scouts West web so we could get donation letters, Membership new and renewal forms
KEIKO VOGELSANG made the food. Dogs, Chile, Cheese, onion, vegetables, drink. Yes we all got fat. For some FATTER.
We talked about TDS, IHWR, our picnic in September. Who all was going to IHWR and when they were leaving.
Done working at 1500 and home they went. All in all a good day. Thanks all.
Mr Meaty
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Looks like a good time. Need to teach you how to post pictures.
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