Meeting sit rap 11 May.

Good meeting. Weather forecasters blew it bad. Oh well. Prior to meeting Jeremiah calls needs a tire & rim for the Scout. He's got a blown tire. Dug one out. He's good to go. I'm in the parking lot waiting for more members to show up. He calls again. Blew out the tire I gave him about half a mile from our meeting location. So Back to the house I go with new member Juan to help me. Pull tire & wheel of my truck and Juan loaded it, floor jack, t bar and back we go. Now at the meeting. Eighteen members present. Food ordered. New and renewal memberships dues collected. Talked about IHWR. Carnage, repairs in field. Someone parking in the middle of the road to go swimming. Someone else who's rig won't start. Perhaps in needs fuel? Other little things. Discussed HDR Memorial weekend. Summer Scouts June 7-9. Scouts West beach party August 17th I think. As the 15th is a Thursday. Also local car show up here Memorial weekend. Saturday. And tri club picnic September in Hungry Valley. 50/50 I win. Gave five spot to the young man that pulled my ticket. fourty to club. & Fourty to me.
Next month meeting at this time will be in Bakersfield. 4 Wheel Parts for a catered thank you lunchen for all the donations. Then some will be heading to Summer Scouts. All are welcome to join us @ 4 Wheel parts on the 8 of June.
NOW GO TO IHWR SECTION 2020. Read and post up thoughts.

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