Work party, Meeting, food 9/9 and 9/10 2017

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0900 Rick Noel shows up. I can't do much so he opens the gates. Gets all his tools and starts working on his 800. Jeremiah shows up. He R&R his hubs. Then goes to help Rick on the 800. Curt Carson shows up and lend a hand. Boy did he lend a hand. While helping Denis Tewes install his fifth wheel hitch Curt's hand got squashed by the hand wrench as Denis was thghtning the bolt with the air gun. It was just Honorable. I offerd to amputate the finger but for some reason Curt said no. Then to the Ten Ton. Just wanted to mount the new tires and rims on the front axle. Well that did not go so well five or six hundred pounds of tire and wheel just did not fit over the drum. Truck came with 1400x 24s. So those wheels clear the brake drum. I changed out to 1600x20. Rim dose not clear. But I have a plan. To be continued.
It sucks not being able to do the work myself. But soon I will be able to again.
1200 noon Bruce Harrington shows up with PIZZA & Saled. oh my.
Add that to Cake, watermelon, Mack saled, vegetable tray. OK WE GOT FAT Done about 1600 hr's
Rick spent the night and continued working on his 800 Sunday. The Matt Woodfin and Auston started working on Austans Scout. Out came the transfer case. Then the transmission. It's now ready for the new engine and rebuilt transmission.
All in all we had a good time, food and work party.
Several rigs ready for our Pot Luck picnic on Sept. 15-17 at Hungry Valley OHV at the pavilion Grapevine Chapter/ Frazier Park Four wheelers. See you all out there.
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