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Big John
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No limits
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0900 till 1630 done.
14 members attending and working. Not me. I sat and pointed. And ate. And pointed. And ate. New member Ian should up with my old black Traveler. Lots of work had to be done. It was neglected by the owners that had it after me. Lets see Fan on backwards. Coil falling out of bracket. Trany bolts loose. R&R Trany fluid and filter. Drain and R&R the filter. One oil leak found. Filter loose. And when he or the old owner bought it to Ian house the left rear tire and wheel fell off. Jeremiah R&R exploded left front hub.. Curt Carson set timing. Marco did electrical work on his rig.
Events report. Local car show was fun and relaxing. I picked up a ROKON two wheel drive motor bike. Marco won lots of raffle prizes. Jeremiah gave us report on Melina Ghost Run.
GRAPEVINE CHAPTER PICNIC DATE CHANGE SEPTEMBER 15,16,17 Hungry Valley OHV Park at the Pavilion. More to come on it.
PISMO BEACH RUN/ CAMPOUT JULY 7,8,9 Jeremiah is heading this run up.
As of right now all trails are open in Los Padres. AT THIS TIME YOU CAN TARGET SHOOT. But check as this can change as we heat up.
4 WHEEL PARTS CUSTOMER APP. EVENT AT HUNGRY VALLEY OHV Park at this time is in August. Date to be set.
Marco had 10 ham radios. All sold. That includes Vic Casserly. Marco is going to purchase 10 more. Now for Ham classes up here.
Bruce Harrington won 50/50.
We talked about the new DMV BS for all of us. June 15 if you are late on fees. it will be 80.00 dollars every ten days. Fees do not stop until you take care of it. NO LIMIT ON LATE FEES.
Burgers, Chips, Macaroni, Salad, Ambrosa salad, Water Mellon, Beans, Soda pops. Everyone was two maybe three pounds heavier.
Good Day for all.
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