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Terra Top Rear Glass

This is a long shot, but does anyone have one laying around they might want to get rid of? Or possibly trace the outline of the glass on a piece of cardboard or paper? Yes, I understand it is a flat piece of glass and any shop should be able to cut it. I have called a few shops here in San Diego, th...

Re: WTB Ignition switch rod

For future people searching if they have an issue. Our ignition rod is NOT found in GM columns. It is a custom length, and bends. Per conversation with Super Scout Specialist, YES our columns are Signaw, YES Signaw columns are found in GM vehicles, NO our columns are not found in GM vehicles. Our co...

Re: WTB Ignition switch rod

Yup! It is!
Now what length is it?
Upon research there is 4 different lengths used in GM columns from the 60s to 80s.
I am guessing people must not know there where different lengths used and just come back with GM column.
Thank you though.

WTB Ignition switch rod

Hey all, I am in need an ignition switch rod for a tilt column. This the rod that connects inside the column down to the ignition switch. I have looked online through vendors websites and only seems to have one, which I will not order from them due to past experience. Mine was cut by ...

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