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Re: 345 timing

Thanks for the feedback. I messed around with it going from zero to 10 on the advance but could not notice any difference other than the RPM changing. I did not notice any pinging but then again that could be just lack of experience on my part. I split the difference and set it at 7 advance and she ...

345 timing

Hi all... the manual says timing for 345 should be 10 deg BTDC but bunch of posts on binder planet say say set at TDC. I have petronix ignition set up... what say you?

Re: Main Chapter meeting place

I am OK with Spires, Zito's or Blakes place... Spires would probably have more of a variety of food, blakes is straight up BBQ and I would assume Zito's is Italian pizza and pasta only. Zitos and Blakes probably easier drive for those coming from the IE and desert.

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