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Re: 4 shifters?

It's most likely an overdrive, which would give you one shift leaver, two leavers for the transfer case, and a forth controlling the overdrive. I've got a Saturn overdrive from a Scout 80 that looks like what your describe. A '75 would be a Scout II, so I'm not sure exactly which vehicle you have. h...

Re: 1964 Travelall

Interest is most often linked to price :-)

I have seen a particular Scout II for sale for years, the seller is asking over $200K. If you really like to gauge interest post some pictures and price and see what happens.

Just my .02- good luck!

Re: WTB Ignition switch rod

Saginaw Steering was a GM division, so you're right and wrong. Our Scout steering columns are GM, they are not found in GM vehicles, but the column components from GM vehicles can be either be directly used or modified to work with the Scout set-up. As I said with some leg work you can find the part...

Re: WTB Ignition switch rod

I've got a measuring tape you can borrow :-) Sorry, couldn't resist... The last two I've gotten from the yards were removed from Scout II's, so I never worried about the length. There are several steering column rebuilders here in San Diego, you could always pull the column and take it to them for a...

Re: 1977 Scout II Traveler 345 v8 - questions about tires / brakes / suspension

Just because something is old, doesn't mean it needs to be replaced. You’ve mentioned allot, or perhaps the mechanic did. The steering box can be tightened up and resealed; often the leak is from a hose. I’d be more interested in finding the problem first, then repair - replace as necessary. Master ...

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